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Hello, i'm amy/amelia. I blog about random stuffs, about my daily happenings in life and sometimes they even make no sense but this is how i express my thoughts and feelings through simple words.

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tell me

went for my first acupuncture therapy massage for my tmd yesterday.

it was... obviously painful but in a good way i guess.
I was always quite skeptical about this and didn't really believe it will help much actually.
But guess i was sick of the pain so whatever its worth i'm up for it as long as it helps.

and for the first time today i didn't have to take medicine throughout the whole day.
I was worried most of the time that it might come back at night to haunt me... which i hope it won't.

Its not hurting at all now and i feel much better plus more energised after the massage.

It kinda pretty amazing because my therapist is like really good?? Like i went there only for my tmd problem but halfway he asked if I always have headaches and breathing problems at night plus forever getting super tired at around 9pm cause i really keep feeling tired despite sleeping or resting alot. Like all the small little problems that people will probably usually ignore because we think its no big deal but its actually always constantly coming back?

back to the point, i was surprised he knew all the little problems that constantly bugged me but i didn't even mention it at all. And he found out all through the therapy massage?! coughs like some kind of scary fortune teller buhaha.

super loved the massage despite the pain... sadistic maybe but its such gooood pain. Like i had to 1pause and stop halfway because it was really painful sometimes esp when like i THINK when the "trigger" point is pressed - fuckinggggg pain T_T

but a very happy girl right now because not taking medicine and pain free!!!! really hoping it stays this way..... sick and tired of medicine

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hitting the replay button just too many times. in love with this song

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so far internship has been very sweet to me hehe
no complains whatsoever its been really great :)

think i'm really blessed and lucky for internship so far!!

though i lost 100 bucks yesterday FAK

because putting in your pocket = easy to drop = losing money = charity to the next person who picks it up = you no money

:((( SOB

been pretty upset about it for awhile because i never lost such a big amount before
i always been careful about my belongings - i never once lost my wallet or card etc.
at most i lost like 10-20 bucks before but thats like once only. NOT LIKE a big amount at one go....

idc if its just 100 a small sum to other people.... its pretty big for me i can like buy alot of stuffs with that amount you know?! or like eat mcdonalds 50 times??! :/

oh well past is past can only learn from it........ TAKE CARE of my money to the next person who picked it up.....

been revamping my portfolio website this week with the little spare time i have on hands, its coming along really well and i totally love it! hope i will be able to finish it soon otherwise i have to wait like 5 months plus later to do again once i have free time...

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sometimes we need to accept the fact that things are not the same anymore

It's painful and sad

but I think we need to grow up and slowly let go

If you let go only can you move on

And I think I finally slowly am starting to see it and accept it

It might not be a bad thing

It might make you happier too

Till then happiness is a choice

Choose to be happy because no one else can choose that for you

Treasure what's infront of you really.

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lets go to the beach

It was a great Sunday!! :)

The weather was so damn amazing – no hot sun + super cloudy and windy but no rain!!

Had fun sharing and eating yummy food done by my friends, enjoyed spamming photos & playing charades!! Mmmmmm just my kind of beach day hahaha cause too lazy to play anything too sporty xD

work so far has been fine~ hope it stays the same buhaha

guys this song is so nice its like a motivational song!!

makes me want to get up get out and do something!!

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