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Hello, i'm amy/amelia. I blog about random stuffs, about my daily happenings in life and sometimes they even make no sense but this is how i express my thoughts and feelings through simple words.

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last friday night
lemon squeezy





god working solo for a huge project was really really a huge giant leap for me

i'm really proud and glad that i really push myself to the limits - which includes silent crying sometimes because TOO stressed - spontaneous happiness when something finally works like coding or showreel

after submission + presentation i felt really good, my work is of course not flawless but i am very proud to say i think i really made a huge improvement??!

i refuse refuse refuse to allow the mindset of "nvm solo can slack do lesser" to get in my head throughout the whole month of this project. i hated fucking HATED that sentence to the core - like wtf it felt like anyone who thought about that is just fucking underestimating themselves, their potential and should never think like that?? *coughs okay so that sentence did sometimes pop into my head when i was feeling stressed BUT at least i fought against that negative thought? :x*

i kept thinking to challenge myself more and basically in general just piling tons of weights of work on myself that almost drove me crazy and have a breakdown and... but i'm really happy it somehow paid off?

super thankful for my incredibly helpful classmates!! super helpful and always willing to help anyone out even when they have their own stuffs to do, also cracking weird jokes and all that hahhaa

had like house tours of my different classmates this time round!!! so damn weird but it was somehow fun buhahaha

was pleasantly happy with the comments i received and even after presentation i totally understand my lecturers suggestions that could help me further improve my project so yeah maybe if i had more time and resources just maybe... it might have been better..? not sure but hell yeah its over!!! SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP

just spend like 200+ in just 2 days because i bought a new hard drive.... and also like a bunch of clothes, tops + dress + cardigan.... thinking if i should buy shorts too but then again i should be investing in like long pants because internship is coming T_T

looking forward to it & may internship be a fruitful and.. not so scary journey haiz :/

thank you for being my strong pillar of support during my tough time especially this time because i know i was basically almost like a crazy workaholic for 24/7 - WORK PROJECT DO DO DO even during dinner time but thank you for being understanding and tolerating all my mini sleepy tantrums, including willing to make trips down with me to art friend to get stuffs, having to drive here and there which i know it was hell troublesome for you to get parking... i truly appreciate everything you've done, thank you for being the best bf ever

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in short –
being in a design school/design industry/design workplace/design team/anywhere
is just stressful

if you're not stressed ever at all before or have not frowned at least once because of it maybe because you just really don't care

because there's something about doing all this work
it drives you crazy, it makes you have sleepless nights, sometimes makes you rush, sometimes you want to cry, sometimes make you self doubt like crazy, sometimes you go all broke, sometimes you're barely hanging in there

but at the end of the day when you look at your achievement of how far you've come – that motivates you like crazy and you just goddam love it

i hate it but yet i love it too
i would want to be greedy and ask for it not to be so stressful sometimes actually though i think sometimes i'm the one who puts too much stress on myself, but seriously "先苦后甜"

i would never understand the fruitfulness of my work without going through the thorns..??? coughs well whatever you get it

LEGGGGOOO close to the last lap

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last friday night

Never a dull moment with my best friends!!! thanks for the dinner/ presents/ cupcakes/ drinking/ partying with me almost all night!! ♥ thank you to my lovely people and classmates for celebrating my birthday with me :))
esp to my most special person, thank you for everything & i really truly appreciate everything that you've done for me. Even if its to your own inconvenience you would still go that extra mile for  me whenever i need your help. happy (belated) birthday to you again and i hope you know how dear and special you are to me.

"Although my calendar tells me that today I have to tell you how much I love you, I hope you know I love you every day of the year, far more than simple words can express."

and for all the scrumptious meal that you've done for me and the family! may your dreams come true and i do hope i'm one of them hehehehehhehehehebuhahahahahhahaha ;)


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bounce back everything you have a failure
the only failure is when you give up, not when you fall
don't disintegrate the moment you meet an obstacle
bounce back every time you make a mistake
make a thousands of mistake
and rebound back

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lemon squeezy

"you were born because you are going to be important to someone"

i will definitely definitely choose to do illustration for my final year
i don't care TTTTTTT like any kind of illustration even it is just flat illustration
i don't care if my skills are not as good as those majoring in illustration
*beepp* those who ever look down on my skills *cactus emoji*

i can do this bitchesssssssssssssssssssss woooo

just no more photo shoot plssss!!

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