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Hello, i'm amy/amelia. I blog about random stuffs, about my daily happenings in life and sometimes they even make no sense but this is how i express my thoughts and feelings through simple words.

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obsessed white
blue curses
soft kitty little ball of furrrrrr
it's 242am what are you doing


obsessed white

... GIMME ♥ _ ♥

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Shred papers all day for 8 hours everyday


Paper gets jam
Opens the machine
Closes it


people says its a good slack job

but super sleepy  too ok..
not forgetting DUSTY

Took MC 2 days ago and slept for more than 10 hours....
Was so unwell the day before that i slept for another 8 hours in the DAY till at night - totally missed lunch and dinner...
Not fully recovered from my little cold T_T

Happier note - random notes

been eating alot of good (sometimes mostly unhealthy) food!

bought a pretty pair of white high heels!!! ♥ _ ♥ not sure when i can wear it as i can't wear it to school UNLESS presentation days or event or occasions...
bought a new top
a new cap
new acne/pimple cream
new skin serum

yes i gotta stop buying halp


haha cant wait to go back and play tf2 dont care if im a nerd bye

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blue curses

caught a cold
blocked nose
sneezing non-stop x 1000000000000000000000000
runny nose

feels like shit

calf muscles hurting from club
party too much
no because party for 6 hours+
no cause don't workout at all hence weak
probably no stamina
legs hurting like a bbbbbbbb
actually because i don't exercise hence partying for 6hours+ is like killing my own muscles & flooding it with lactic acid causing my muscles to be damn sore

damn sleepy because couldn't sleep last night no thanks to cold sweat and sneezing
basically slept for 4/5 hours only
woke up late for work
FLY to work

big event at work today so i got to run here and there and still put a smile on my face
made my muscles hurt more thanks

- on a little brighter note and greener grass side -

2 hours+ left for work to end.

bringing home big boxes of cereals and milk, towels, food, snacks, fruits and drinks - looks like i went grocery shopping but its all the stuff from the event - perks of working behind the scenes i guess?

but free stuffs i won't reject lol i need em milk and cereals for strength

i want my last day of work to faster come!!!! but at the same time i don't want because it means school will start soon nooooooooooooooo let it gooooooooo let it go...

shhh typing this because my boss is busy in her office hehehehe

@ Monday, April 07, 2014 @ 3:09 PM 0 comments


I want to watch Maleficent!
Another Disney movie, wasn't blown away by the trailer but was attracted to how she acted her role so well not as a menacing threat but looks more of a misunderstood villain.. plus not forgetting the sultry voice of Lana Dey Ray in their soundtracks... but then again it's just a trailer... won't know how good it really is till we watch it.

... LOL soz the horns on her head look damn fake after awhile.. like some rubber tight air balloon shape anyone?!


Really happy because i finally know how to connect to a FTP server host. Still figuring out how to utilize all the cpanel services but will get there somehow. (?)?)?)


Booked my appt for braces in May!!!! So excited!! 2 months is damn long, pretty sure it will drag till like end of May or June to finally put it on. Never knew there was so much things to do and prepare before being able to get them. Worked so hard to finally get the $$ for myself.. Pretty exciteddddd


echo 2 to echo 1


 Going JB soon! i wanna get a short getaway from sg for awhile even if it's to JB idc i just want to get out of here for awhile
Can't wait to meet my bff tmr frigging need to get away from society once in awhile


yeap definitely need a getaway.
screw grades and gpa
just shut up shut up ok ZZ

@ Thursday, April 03, 2014 @ 1:13 PM 0 comments

soft kitty little ball of furrrrrr

Being a receptionist for the past few days led me to learnt one new thing about it.

Seriously it's not easy!!! I always thought at most maybe just pick up some phone calls, write down memo messages and you're done!


Depending on what services your company reception provides, it's crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Fortunately my company's meeting room book system is pretty organized and it has never really brought any trouble for such organization.

What I dislike is that, eg if someone is late for the meeting or forgets to return the card back, the next user gets pretty annoyed and kind of raise their tone at you to rush the other person.

Kinda sad because you're like the in-between person for other people's fucked messed up issues. :(
BUT nonetheless I learnt that you just have to be firm and ask them to shut up and sit down. KIDDING. Obviously have to di shen xia qi and say sorry for the inconvenience etc so that after their grumbling awhile, they will calm down, be appeased and thank you afterwards. Well SOME.

It's not really a very busy thing for me maybe because I'm just a temp so I don't get all the difficult big projects to do here so it's only busy temporarily and then it's like chill out the rest of the day! :p

The people that really strike up conversation with me are really nice and friendly! Kinda helps make the busy/boring day brighten up once in awhile!

Oh yes did I forget to mention there are SO many Caucasians and German/foreigners here. Buhehe c'mon no one can help it when they talk in their accent with their big shiny blue eyes and blond hair all brushed back.

The bad thing is that they talk so fast in their accent... I don't know how the Asians here survive lol because I'm having a little trouble understanding what they say sometimes.. they needa slow down T_T

I think I'm one of the youngest in my department too. Basically ALMOST 98% of the people here are married/have children already. BUT they do not look like they are mothers or married! They look so young and flawless for mothers/wife sometimes I just want to know what their facial treatment secrets are.......

WELL back to work.

@ Thursday, March 27, 2014 @ 4:55 PM 0 comments