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Hello, i'm amy/amelia. I blog about random stuffs, about my daily happenings in life and sometimes they even make no sense but this is how i express my thoughts and feelings through simple words.

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already gone
but you know me you know me too well
obsessed white
blue curses
soft kitty little ball of furrrrrr


already gone

im already gone then we were always meant to say goodbye this song really brings back some memories dayum

school's back and it's really boring with the current lectures
can't wait to start all the photoshop topics and crazy drawings to start

coughs drawing tf2 characters because im a nerd and half(?) obsessed with the game
but heck i still love drawing them not sure if those posters will ever see daylight in the internet or in my portfolio though... its just super plain minimalistic line illustrations with colours plus textures, trying to make it look like a movie poster - originally want to do it around october to commemorate their 7th year since the making of it - but im too insecure/no high self esteem to publish it anyway even by then maybe till i feel reckless enough on somedays

lets go to the zoo the zoo!! the zoo!!! the safari!!!
just another one of those fun filled adventures with my love

home made dinner by none other than my own personal chef!! i hope his dreams of being a chef all comes true and i can be his own personal Guinea pig for the rest of his life hehehee ♥

andddddd school
and drinking fun times with my team M people

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but you know me you know me too well

i love talking to you 6am in the morning rambling on about silly topics in our silly morning conversations, morning till night, night till dusk i love how crazy we can just keep talking its so simple as just talking about anything. isn't it funny isn't it weird that couples like talking so much even till the morning thats how i use to think and now i understand :')

“The very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone.” - ― Jane Austen

mm i just love reading Jane Austen's novels and rewatching the shows again sometimes honestly love novels are like fairytales for teenagers and adults

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obsessed white

... GIMME ♥ _ ♥

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Shred papers all day for 8 hours everyday


Paper gets jam
Opens the machine
Closes it


people says its a good slack job

but super sleepy  too ok..
not forgetting DUSTY

Took MC 2 days ago and slept for more than 10 hours....
Was so unwell the day before that i slept for another 8 hours in the DAY till at night - totally missed lunch and dinner...
Not fully recovered from my little cold T_T

Happier note - random notes

been eating alot of good (sometimes mostly unhealthy) food!

bought a pretty pair of white high heels!!! ♥ _ ♥ not sure when i can wear it as i can't wear it to school UNLESS presentation days or event or occasions...
bought a new top
a new cap
new acne/pimple cream
new skin serum

yes i gotta stop buying halp


haha cant wait to go back and play tf2 dont care if im a nerd bye

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blue curses

caught a cold
blocked nose
sneezing non-stop x 1000000000000000000000000
runny nose

feels like shit

calf muscles hurting from club
party too much
no because party for 6 hours+
no cause don't workout at all hence weak
probably no stamina
legs hurting like a bbbbbbbb
actually because i don't exercise hence partying for 6hours+ is like killing my own muscles & flooding it with lactic acid causing my muscles to be damn sore

damn sleepy because couldn't sleep last night no thanks to cold sweat and sneezing
basically slept for 4/5 hours only
woke up late for work
FLY to work

big event at work today so i got to run here and there and still put a smile on my face
made my muscles hurt more thanks

- on a little brighter note and greener grass side -

2 hours+ left for work to end.

bringing home big boxes of cereals and milk, towels, food, snacks, fruits and drinks - looks like i went grocery shopping but its all the stuff from the event - perks of working behind the scenes i guess?

but free stuffs i won't reject lol i need em milk and cereals for strength

i want my last day of work to faster come!!!! but at the same time i don't want because it means school will start soon nooooooooooooooo let it gooooooooo let it go...

shhh typing this because my boss is busy in her office hehehehe

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