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Hello, i'm amy/amelia. I blog about random stuffs, about my daily happenings in life and sometimes they even make no sense but this is how i express my thoughts and feelings through simple words.

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"And in that moment of hesitation - the answer was there."

First day of semester again, was originally very pumped up and excited but... nope you see i feel that fate likes to play tricks on me. Like at any moment my life is moving smoothly again, something happens.

But I'm going to get through this. I will be brave. It's not the end. I will be ok.

On the bright side I've short hair now.... and i kind of like it.

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The day has come when internship has finally ended...

OH well. I will really miss my internship!! The amazing colleagues/mentor and guidance that they have provided me throughout the few months.

Despite the stress sometimes, i felt that it was all worrrthh it. Challenging and interesting projects really helped me in many aspects.

My last awesome lunch with da cool peeps. SIGH bittersweet feelings.

On the bright side I was able to go for a short getaway to Bangkok!!!!

omg i must say, i totally underestimated bangkok by bringing a small luggage. Basically all the clothes and stuffs i bought there couldn't even fit 2 luggages, had to squeeze some into carrier bags too! And the best part was the total I spent there was probably less than 500 SGD for at least 2 luggage worth of loots!!!

One of the BEST shopping haven there. Because #cheapskate & quality isn't too shabby either!!!
Not to mention GOOD amazing food plus relaxing massages that closes at 3am so after a long day + supper, you can just head over for an awesome 1 hour massage ♥

But yes all good things will still come to an end eventually sigh. Would love to have a second trip there someday again soon! Hopefully next year.

@ Sunday, November 16, 2014 @ 2:08 AM 0 comments


Coming home to this furry little boy ♥

How to leave house when this puppy eyes look at you.. one of the best things to come home to because it waits there for you and gets super excited seeing you! Adopting you was one of the greatest thing that happened this year. :')


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Internship has been very fruitful so far.

I really appreciated how blessed i am with the little things i get even if its not a big huge thing. I'm blessed. :) That's right no matter what life tries to throw at me I will overcome it anyway.


So work has been great, I enjoy what I've been doing and I'm glad my aesthetic skills are actually improving and being challenged with every single new project brief I get.

One of the recent big project that I finally got so far was really the biggest frustration so far.. I think i did more than 70 different mocks for posters, banners & wallpapers in the past month. But its ending soon so PLZ this project has to be approved so it can finally END T_T And I can't wait to see it launch too!!! *♥ cries tears of sweat and blood *

Other projects are just great besides the simple DL small projects.

I enjoy doing different concepts and love how I can proposed whatever I deem suitable(many most of the times). I love the brainstorming part for ideas esp!!! Of course my favourite part is still doing the graphic design + illustrations.... truly thankful for the opportunities I get, how my senior colleagues & directors' guidance has been indubitably helpful.

The best part of the day though? Coming home to a warm place thats specially for me & also to a special person at the end of the day. :)

Peace out

every now and then sometimes I think about drawing pixels again.. how i loved drawing everything in a "cute" style back then... I will never forget that part of my life :')

@ Sunday, October 26, 2014 @ 3:00 AM 0 comments

tell me

went for my first acupuncture therapy massage for my tmd yesterday.

it was... obviously painful but in a good way i guess.
I was always quite skeptical about this and didn't really believe it will help much actually.
But guess i was sick of the pain so whatever its worth i'm up for it as long as it helps.

and for the first time today i didn't have to take medicine throughout the whole day.
I was worried most of the time that it might come back at night to haunt me... which i hope it won't.

Its not hurting at all now and i feel much better plus more energised after the massage.

It kinda pretty amazing because my therapist is like really good?? Like i went there only for my tmd problem but halfway he asked if I always have headaches and breathing problems at night plus forever getting super tired at around 9pm cause i really keep feeling tired despite sleeping or resting alot. Like all the small little problems that people will probably usually ignore because we think its no big deal but its actually always constantly coming back?

back to the point, i was surprised he knew all the little problems that constantly bugged me but i didn't even mention it at all. And he found out all through the therapy massage?! coughs like some kind of scary fortune teller buhaha.

super loved the massage despite the pain... sadistic maybe but its such gooood pain. Like i had to 1pause and stop halfway because it was really painful sometimes esp when like i THINK when the "trigger" point is pressed - fuckinggggg pain T_T

but a very happy girl right now because not taking medicine and pain free!!!! really hoping it stays this way..... sick and tired of medicine

@ Monday, September 22, 2014 @ 9:45 PM 0 comments